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Nadalini's story begins at the end of the 50's, when the father of the current owners Elisabetta and Alessandra moved to Lignano and opened a small shop selling beach items. In the 60's he met his future wife, a woman from Vienna who studied fashion and that will change Nadalini's history. From a simple bazaar to a proper clothing store, Nadalini soon became a reference for Austrian and German tourists who would find up-to-date products and German-speaking personnel. The 80's saw the shop growing in its size, introducing a fast fashion orientation touch too. In 1996 the management of the shop is entrusted to Alessandra and Elisabetta who bring a breath of fresh air, enthusiasm and sophisticated taste to Nadalini.


The shop is currently managed by Alessandra and Elisabetta Nadalini, fashion addicts and shopping lovers. They've been travelling since they were young, visiting and studying the most luxurious stores in London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong in order to offer their customers the products that most impressed them. Today Nadalini is known not only for its carefully selected collections but also for the large choice of clothing and store set ups that allow to find every day something new.
Elisabetta and Alessandra pick the top articles of clothing, shoes and bags in order to offer their customers the chance to create a complete look. Inside the store the products are sorted by color and the set up is inspired to the most elegant stores worldwide.
Shopping is magical and nothing shall interfere it. Our customers will feel free to take a look around, pick their outfits by themselves or otherwise with the help of our shop assistants.
Alessandra and Elisabetta love to constantly surprise their customers with renewed, updated and researched offers. In addition to the Italian custom, Nadalini is a proper point of reference for a loyal clientele from Austria and Germany. They come back every year to find a multilingual and caring staff.